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How to Put Together a Team

This should walk you through the process as you put together your championship squad.

How do I start a team?

Step one: Gather your troops The rule of thumb is you need to start the season with twice as many players as there are on the field. So: if you are playing mens/womens 8 on 8, you should probably have 16. It is inevitable that some will disappear after a few games, and 1 1/2 times to double the fielded team is the best amount. (mens 8 on 8: 12-14, coed: 9-12, 7 on 7: 11-14).

You as a captain have two options on fees:
1- you collect/front the team fee, payable by the registration deadline of 750 mens, 650 womens 600 coed. This allows you flexibility on your roster to lower the per-player cost, but puts you on the hook for the fees.

2- Have your players pay their fees themselves, MENS- you just tell them what their share is per person and they pay that online or at the field, but if not everyone pays, we will look to you for the difference;  COED- indviduals can pay a flat $60 per person either online at or at the field. We take cash, checks and cards.

RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT! having a ton on your roster is not that beneficial, but dont get enough and other teams will hate you for forfeits; get too many and your players will complain about the lack of playing time.

Step Two: Get organized put together a roster of players including email address, etc. Have a practice or two, get together.  Pick a team color; shirts are provided

Step three: Register your squad Click the link above, but before you do, make sure you know the following: Team name, when and where you want to play, league and competition level (A-competitive, B competitive rookie or C-casual if applicable), shirt color, and have your fee ready. you need to have the minimum players registered and paid in order to be scheduled.

TELL YOUR PLAYERS TO GO ONLINE AND REGISTER. YOUR PLAYERS HAVE  4 weeks AFTER THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE TO SIGN UP (but you must have at least 10 to be scheduled, but you may add players until week 3) IN ORDER FOR THEIR CORRECT SIZED SHIRT TO BE ORDERED, otherwise the may not get a shirt, or they will get an XL.

Step Four: Have your players sign up by clicking the link above, this is your roster. Players can register at the fields, but will not receive stats for week one`s games without your roster, you will not be allowed to take the field.

If your players would like to pay their portion of league fees online, then have them do so when registering.

Step five: be awesome Do it. You earned it.

What are my responsibilities?

Below are the 10 responsibilities of a captain. If you are unable or unwilling to fulfill these responsibilities, please do not start a team.

  1. Come out to your games every week (missing one here and there is okay).
  2. Manage and distribute shirts to your team.
  3. Verifying that the people playing on your team are actually listed on your team (on the CVFA website).
  4. Sending out (at least) weekly emails/texts to your team(s) alerting them of team-only activities and CVFA-wide events. Encourage all teammates to sign up AND RSVP for CVFA events on our facebook page and sending out a weekly evite/invite to your team to each gam
  5. Make sure your team's fees are paid.
  6. Encourage sportsmanship among your team
  7. Have a great time

Do captains play for free?

Yes, kinda-- In mens: Tell your players to pay the amount less your fees. if you have 15 players including you, less yourself: 750/14=$53.50

In Coed, once your team reaches the minimum roster size (10), you will be refunded your fee.

How many players should I have joining with me?

It's always nice to start out with a few friends. Generally, 10 or more is good for coed, 14 for mens, but not required.

What if I don't have enough players?

Teams that are below the minimum number of players may be merged into another team, about a week prior to the start of the season or individual signups will be added.

How do I get my team shirts?

Team t-shirts will be available at your first game. Captains will need to arrive a little ealy and pick them up.

How can I register an entire team?

Absolutely! Click the registration tab above to register an entire team.

How can I register a group to play together, but not a whole team?

Absolutely! Email us at and we will get it all set up.

How do rainouts work?

We'll update our Facebook page, send out emails and texts if games have to be cancelled. The first rainout is made up as scheduled after the last scheduled week of the season.  The second rainout is added to that day as double headers. Any beyond 2 will not be made up.

Registration is now open

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