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Coed Rules

Games are played with 6 players (minimum of 1 girl, maximum of 4 guys) Teams must field a minimum of five players at all times.

a coin toss will determine who starts with the ball

-20 minute halves, running clock outside of the 2 minute warning for each half. Inside of 2 minutes, college rules apply (out of bounds, incomplete passes and 1st downs stop the clock (only until the ball is spotted). The clock will stop at the two minute warning. Extra points are untimed downs inside 2 min. 

Each team starts with the ball at the 5 yard line on each possession. You get 4 plays to cross the 20 yard lines for each first down. If you come to the fourth down, you have the option to "punt", which is a 30 yard walk off.

--The ball carrier can run with the ball at any time EXCEPT inside the 5 yard line, when they can only run if rushed by the defense.   
--The ball is spotted where the ball is when the flag is pulled.

--One foot inbound when making a reception

--Defensive rushers MAY NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN OVER OR â??BULLRUSHâ?? DEFENDERS, they must run around or avoid the â??screenersâ??, no use of hands to push or move the defender. ANY INTENTIONAL CONTACT ON EITHER SIDE OF THE BALL IS A PENALTY

Men have to line up 5 yards off the ball on defense

If a female is a "primary participant", her points are doubled. A primary participant is defined as the thrower, catcher, or person who throws or carries the ball beyond the line of scrimmage.  The additional points are awarded if the primary participant across the endzone, as long as they carried the ball for more than 5 yards on a pitch play or caught the ball in the endzone, or caught the ball and carried it into the endzone. There are no specific gender plays.

More clearly stated: guy throws to a girl= 9 points. Girl throws to a guy= 9 points. Girl throws to a girl= 12 points  

Safeties and Extra points: (doubled for female scored)
1 point try from the 3 yard line 2 point try from the 10, 3 point from the 20.  Safety: 2 points, also doubled if by a female defender

----No kickoffs, the ball is spotted on the 5 to start the drive after scores/halftime

----All penalties EXCEPT roughing the passer, pass interference (spot) and unnecessary roughness (15 yards) are 5 yard penalties

---roughing the passer is the only automatic first down penalty

--illegal forward pass, OPI are loss of down penalties

 Flag guarding-runner is down where the penalty occurs, play is over

All penalties will be assessed from the spot of the foul.

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