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5 Man Rules

1.    Total Game length = 40 minutes.

â?¢      (2) 20 minute halves

â?¢      Continuous Clock â?? Starts/stops last minute of game only.

â?¢      One (1) timeout per team, per half.

â?¢      Overtime - 2 plays from 10 yard line going into end zone. Only (2) OT possessions total per team in Pool play. Pool play game can end in a tie.

2.    Roster = 18 Players maximum/3 players minimum to avoid forfeit.

3.    SCORING:

â?¢      TD = 6 points

â?¢      Extra Point = 1 point (5 yards) or 2 points (10 yards),

â?¢      Safety = 2 points

â?¢      Interception Return for score on a try = 2 pts.

4.    ONSIDE KICK RULE: Only in effect if scoring team is losing by 2 or more points with 2 minutes or less remaining in the game. Following a score, the losing team has the opportunity to attempt their try (extra point) from mid-field. Should they convert, they will receive 2 pts and the ball at the initial series start line.

5.    CONTACT IS ALLOWED â?? Open hand contact allowed between shoulder and waist. Center must assume a blocking position or take one step into pass pattern before he can be touched. Over aggressive contact is discouraged and will be flagged.

6.    One chuck of receiver allowed at line of scrimmage to 5 yds.

7.    All Players on Offense may run the ball after a handoff, excluding the QB - Except in the â??NO-RUN ZONESâ?? located 5 yards from the goal line & the mid-field 1st down line.

8.    All players are eligible to receive passes

9.    Defense may rush from the line of scrimmage (1 yard off ball). Rush is live.

10.  All drives & changes of possession (except interceptions) (re)start at the 5 yd line

11.  Offense has 3 plays to cross the 20 yard lines or score a touchdown. No punting. Teams may â??go for itâ?? on 4 th down inside their opponentâ??s 20 only

12.  PenaltiesOffensive Penalties

 ALL offensive penalties including false starts are 5 yds.

13. . Exception if flag guarding which is 10 yds from the spot.  Loss of down.

Defensive Penalties

   Automatic 1st down & yardage (10 Yards).

14.  All penalties are enforced from the line of scrimmage with the exception of defensive pass interference which is a spot foul.

15.  Official Flag is â??Flag-A-Tagâ??. No other flags will be allowed!

16.  Fumbles or Muffs that hit the ground are dead at spot.

17.  Ball must be snapped between legs, not off to one side to start play

18.  Flagrant contact fouls will not be tolerated. Offending player(s) will be ejected from that game, sit out the next game and pay a $50 fine (discretion of the tournament director)

19.  Interceptions may be returned and new series will start at the spot of the flag pull.

20.  Contact with the QBâ??s arm while throwing a pass will result in roughing the passer.

21.  Fighting and general disrespect of officials will not be tolerated and will result in ejection.

22.  If a player alters his flag in any way, he will be ejected from game.

23.  Minimum of 2 Players must be on the LOS before the ball is snapped. 1 Player can be in motion, but cannot be moving forward before the snap.

24.  No stiff arming allowed â?? considered flag guarding

25.  Footballs: Regulation â??Full sizeâ?? footballs are to be used. Teams provide their own Footballs.

26.  Cleats are allowed but must be rubber. No metal baseball spikes allowed.

27.  Penalties or rules not covered above will be enforced per the USFTL/CVFA rulebook and general football rules. â??Greyâ?? areas will be enforced by the officials using advantage/disadvantage philosophies.

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