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Power Rankings

Winter Week 1 Power Rankings


  1. Roys Asian Cowboys. went 2-0 with a 24 point differential. Defending to beat them to well....beat them
  2. We like TDs- blowout win in week 1. highlight was Ashley's deflection pick-9
  3. Griswalds- lost on the last play to #1. May be trouble
  4. Turn your head and Coughlin- The game was closer than the score indicates
  5. The Naughty list- some new faces, will learn to use the supremely athletic twins, and will be almost unstoppable once they do
  6. Peyton on a sunday morning- lost two, but are DRAMATICALLY improved.
  7. Shockoe- didnt play week 1
  8. Dynasty- didnt play week 1
  9. Richmond Graves- Didnt play week 1

Coed Player of the week: Ashley Irby, We like TDs, with the deflection pick 9


  1. Mayhem: two blowout wins, defense was unreal
  2. Go Gettas: cant argue with 24-0
  3. Chester Cavs: anyone who watched the game was very impressed with the new look Cavs
  4. Southside Rebelz: won by 20
  5. 3 chopt: went 1-1 on the day, hope their guy with the knee injury is ok
  6. Misfits: got blown out, but was dramatically short handed
  7. Officially Lit: onlyhad half of their players last week, will be better
  8. The Outsiders: didnt play week 1
  9. The Rebellion: didnt play week 1
Mens Player of the Week, Michael Ruckman, Mayhem with two, yes TWO pick 6s

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